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More and more, companies have to cope with ongoing changes and challenges of various kinds, whether:

  • Transforming the business to take advantage of new market opportunities,
  • Restructuring to improve operational efficiency or,
  • Responding to new regulations and risks.

This requires a rapid, proven and agile response, which ensures that the right people, processes and technologies are in place to enable peak performance, no matter the competitive and economic conditions.

  • Our approach

    All organizations can have success by making incremental changes ... at least for a while. But building the future demand for boldness and implies tough decisions to radically transform your business.

    Faced with this key issue confronting any business manager, Veotys adopted the work of four authors (Richard Pascale, Anthony Athos, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman) on a methodology called the 7'S that can help create sustainable and lasting success to a company.

    The seven key success factors of an organization are:

    • The strategy - Adopt and adapt the ERP solution most suited to the needs of the business
    • The Structure - The structure must be appropriate to the type of business.
    • The System - The company's processes and procedures must be identified and controlled.
    • The Staff - the business manager must take the time to define its human resources needs.
    • The Style -The business leaders must define the type of governance, corporate culture they want to install.
    • The Skills The company must put in place an efffective skills management strategy
    • Shared Values -The company must develop a long-term vision that will serve the short-term development.
  • Why trusting VEOTYS ?

    To transform your business, you need a partner with a thorough knowledge of your industry and can offers you relevant analysis and a wide range of skills. A partner who works with you to help you reach new heights.

    For nearly a decade, Veotys has succeeded to federate consultants who design and implement major transformations in collaboration with leading international companies.

    We are proud today to contribute more actively to the development of enterprises and African institutions of various sizes. 

    Our passion ?

    Leveraging innovation and proven expertise in other markets, like western or emerging market, to solve all problems, even the most complex. This is of course to take into account the cultural, social and political dimension of your environment.

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For better understanding of our services, we could set a meeting for you. More details will be provided as well as our pricing, so you could asses the value our services can provide for your business. 

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