SAP Business All-in-one

Boost your company's growth with SAP Business All-in-One.

SAP Business All-in-One is a complete solution that integrates an set of preconfigured business processes specific to each industry, to ensure a smooth implementation at affordable cost.

Designed specifically for small businesses, SAP Business All-in-One fits in all scenarios to support changing business needs. Softwares and services that the group offers enable customers worldwide (over 109,000 to date) to manage their business profitably while being able to adapt continuously and sustainably.

SAP Business All-in-One includes a range of products such as SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP ERP, SAP Product Life Cycle Management, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP Supplier Relationship Management, SAP Human Resources and SAP Financial Management.

SAP Business All-in-one offers several benefits:

From back office to the board, from the warehouse to stores, from a computer or mobile device, SAP allows Professional and organizations to work more efficiently and gain greater visibility into their data management to maintain an advantage over their competitors.

Some features of SAP Business All-in-One:

  • An international solution deployed in over 50 countries
  • A preconfigured solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of companies
  • The most widely deployed ERP solution worldwide
  • A complete functional coverage of the needs of SMEs and large companies
  • Standard interfaces with other ERP solutions on the market
  • Longtime presence on the supplier market
  • SAP Business All-in-One is multi-site, multi - legislation and multi-language oriented

Functional Capabilities

  • Core Finance

    Ensure financial compliance and drive revenue growth with integrated Core Finance processes. Leverage the latest tools for managing spend, optimizing resources, complying with financial reporting requirements, and more.

    • Streamline and automate financial operations while complying with regulations
    • Get real-time insight into overall financial performance   
    • Integrate processes from various applications for a single version of financial truth
    • Reduce cost of goods sold (COGS) and maximize profitability
    • Analyze customer behavior and sales to quickly identify and seize new opportunities
    • Operate in multiple geographies, industries, and languages – simultaneously and in real time

  • Core Human Resources

    Automate, streamline, and extend your Core Human Resources processes. Drive profitable growth by leveraging your employees’ skills, while giving them every opportunity to achieve their career goals.

    • Automate employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes
    • Support compliance with changing global and local HR regulations
    • Understand, evaluate, and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line
    • Attract, hire, and empower the right people – and bring new hires up to speed quickly
    • Pinpoint where your talent lies and train and cultivate your workforce
    • Align your employees’ goals with your overall business objectives

  • Procure to Pay

    Manage your purchases more efficiently – and maximize cost savings – with a centralized Procure to Pay system. Realize your purchasing power, enforce vendor choices, and optimize buying patterns – while negotiating better quotes, contracts, and conditions.

    • Increase visibility into purchase orders, contract management, and invoice handling
    • Reduce costs by lowering inventory levels and consolidating shipments
    • Maintain high levels of supplier and customer satisfaction
    • Optimize basic procurement processes – from requisitioning to invoicing
    • Improve processes for sourcing, inbound and outbound logistics, warehousing, and transportation management

  • Plan to Product

    Streamline the entire manufacturing process – from planning, scheduling, and sequencing to execution and analysis – with integrated Plan to Product processes. Improve efficiencies, deliver higher-quality products, and boost profit margins.

    • Deliver the right products to the right place at the right time – every time
    • Respond to demand volatility by accelerating the planning process and facilitating fast changes
    • Identify and fix problems using real-time tracking and analysis
    • Reduce manufacturing costs, and ensure high product quality and regulatory compliance

  • Order to Cash

    Increase sales, profit margins, and customer satisfaction by automating the entire Order to Cash cycle. Achieve perfect order management, improve on-time deliveries, cut costs, and more.

    • Manage the complete sales order lifecycle and all post-sales activities
    • Slash time spent on administration, confirming orders, and resolving late shipments
    • Drive sales by facilitating customer engagement across all sales channels

  • Request to Customer Service

    Provide real-time service and increase customer loyalty with best-in-class Request to Service processes. Differentiate your brand by delivering exceptional service across every channel profitably.

    • Understand and engage with your customers to exceed their expectations
    • Respond immediately to customer issues, and quickly resolve them
    • Streamline your service operations to increase efficiency and reduce costs

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Get answers to your most pressing business questions in real time – with quick and easy access to intuitive business intelligence, analytics, and reporting capabilities in SAP S/4HANA, edition for SAP Business All-in-One.


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